On Saturday, April 26th, Monroe Township Historical Society will be having its annual “Grant Birthday Celebration” at Grant Park in Point Pleasant. There will be civil war reenactments and ceremonies honoring our 18th President. There will be booths with things to sell and plenty of food.

Ohio Safe Room Rebate Program

The Mitigation and Recovery Branch of the Ohio Emergency Management Agency
has released information regarding the Ohio Safe Room Rebate Program, which
provides a rebate for the purchase and installation of safe rooms for Ohio
homeowners. Residents selected for the program are eligible for a rebate up
to 75 percent of the cost to install or construct a safe room – up to a
maximum of $5,250. You have until April 18th to apply.

For more information and to apply, follow the link below.



Visit www.usfa.fema.gov/winter/ for free materials and messages to help increase awareness about the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) and keep your community safe from CO poisoning.

Birthplace of Our 18th President
Ulysses S. Grant

Check Local River Levels

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